Can’t cope without: My lipsticks and my camera! I like having a variety of shades to suit my mood and camera to capture all the wonderful things around London!

We wish: We could conquer the world… Have more hours in the day… Be a genie and grant everyone’s wishes! Lot’s and lot’s of wishes.

I love: clothes, cupcakes and cats- my three favourite c’s!

Hottest British designer: I’m more of a high street lover, but if budget wasn’t an issue then I’d definitely be getting in on the Mulberry and Burberry action.

Dreamiest guy about town: Apart from my beloved boyfriend (of course), it would have to be Leonardo DiCaprio- I mean what an absolute babe.

Fave SS14 trend: PINK! Pink, everything pink please! I’m a big advocate of all things shiny, so will be accessorizing my pinks with holographic finishes this season.

I love to: cook cakes or, um… try)! I have a massive sweet tooth!

If I wasn’t a TV Presenter: I’d love to work with old people. Hanging out, listening to their stories, making them loads of cups of tea and generally chatting to them. I have a soft spot for the elderly. They are cute!


Fashion Queens: Mary Kate Olsen, Stevie Nicks and Vannessa Hudgens.

Talk blogging: I started my blog back in 2011 but only started blogging properly in January. I love finding new inspiration and meeting amazing like-minded people that blogging brings, that you would never have met otherwise.

Fave LFW show: Topshop Unique is always one of my favourites because it’s great to see how the British high street can always pull of something spectacular in a designer collection.

Dreamiest guy about town: Somebody funny, intelligent and passionate. Or Aaron Paul.

Style stalking sources: I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from Tumblr and other fashion bloggers, I find trends appear earlier and there’s always fresh styles to interpret into your own personal style.

When I grow up: I wanna work in the fashion industry but there are a couple of areas I’m specifically interested in, such as PR and marketing, but also styling and assisting shoots.  I’d love to have a kind of job where I get to travel too. I guess I’ve got a pretty open mind!

Gets inspired by: Everything and everyone! Music, art and even other bloggers inspire my style, people such as Miroslava Duma, Sarah Mikaela, and Kristabel Plummer are my style loves! Each of them dress so perfectly, and they definitely help when I’m in a style funk!

Never leaves my side: My trusty iPhone- aaah!

Gets inspired by: I take inspiration from anything and anyone. From old photographs of my Great Gran and my Mum to celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Molly King (they always look so feminine and flawless!)

Ain’t ready without: My liquid eyeliner! I always buy the £2.99 Collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner and I’ve used it without fail since I was 15! I feel naked without it.

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