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Sunday Style Icon: Ed Sheeran.

victoria secret

 With his HUGE album, X, out in 2014, Ed was all over the place showing us the very definition of casual cool. Whether on stage breaking a million teenage hearts or out with his pack of celebrity mates, he always managed to look very dapper indeed. He’s such a stylish lad he even managed to… - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel.


We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for style’spiration and weirdly enough it came in the form of one of our fave Christmas films: Elf! No, not Will Ferrell; Zooey Deschanel! While in the film she’s mainly rocking bells and a name tag, actual Zooey has some serious style cred. With her love of party dresses,… - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Fleur East.


She might not have won X Factor but Fleur East is a winner in our eyes when it comes to the style stakes! Much like her performances, Fleur is all about the drama when it comes to her outfits- sequins, leather and the WOW factor. With that we think it’s fair to say the girl… - read more

2014 Style Star: Kylie Jenner!!!


 Well we all saw that one coming. Her Instagram has been our main source of style inspo’ for the last 12 months PLUS she’s been at every awards show going flaunting her fash’ cred-  could it have been anyone else!? Maybe not now, but if you look back to 2013 (we know, we’re so 2015… - read more

Celeb Style 2014.


Who loves a list? We do! Especially when it involves summing up the style from the year, and how great has 2014 been!? So many amazing outfits and even more controversial choices. It’s been fun. With that in mind we’d like to take this time out to call out our best (and worst) star style… - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Cristian MJC.


In the words of the man himself, “it’s ya boy Cristian MJC here!” That it is. You may have heard his music or even spotted him in the BANK Christmas window campaign; one thing you can’t miss though is that the boy has style! He’s big on his brands- Superdry and Criminal Damage to name… - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Sarah Ashcroft.

sparkle dress

 This week has been all about one thing: That Pommie Girl! With her style cred all over our airwaves, we couldn’t have chosen anyone but her for the coveted role of Sunday Style Icon; that’s just science. She’s one of those ultimate girly girls with a love of all things pink and fluffy, as well… - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Sam Faiers.


 Towie gal, Sam Faiers could be our fave of the Essex bunch when it comes to the style stakes. First off, that bod! She could wear a bin bag and look incredible. Lucky for us though the girl knows fashion, so we’re saved the bag. While the old stereotype says white stilettos are the only… - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Rebel Wilson.


Sunday Style Icon this week goes to our personal lady crush and everyone’s fave funny girl, Rebel Wilson. She’s been doing the red carpet rounds for a while now and, while she can pull off sleek and sophisticated, we have a sneaking suspicion she doesn’t really care (RE pink, fluffy slippers and cat tees) which… - read more

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