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Sunday Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel.


We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for style’spiration and weirdly enough it came in the form of one of our fave Christmas films: Elf! No, not Will Ferrell; Zooey Deschanel! While in the film she’s mainly rocking bells and a name tag, actual Zooey has some serious style cred. With her love of party dresses,… - read more

BANK Blogger Awards 2014.

hannah louise 7

As 2015 draws ever closer, we’ve taken to lists in a BIG way. Rating and ranking is now our bread and butter- classic end of year mentality. Anyway, we thought we’d put these new found skills to good use and turn our attention to the blogosphere. We got in touch with our blogging buds and asked:… - read more

The Alt Christmas Playlist.


 OMG you guyzz, it’s only two days ’til Christmas!  To get things that little bit extra festive, we’ve put together an Xmas playlist, all for you. This isn’t just any playlist though- you won’t find any Slade in here and Band Aid has been banned! In their place we’ve got Kanye, The Kinks and some… - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Fleur East.


She might not have won X Factor but Fleur East is a winner in our eyes when it comes to the style stakes! Much like her performances, Fleur is all about the drama when it comes to her outfits- sequins, leather and the WOW factor. With that we think it’s fair to say the girl… - read more

2014 Style Star: Kylie Jenner!!!


 Well we all saw that one coming. Her Instagram has been our main source of style inspo’ for the last 12 months PLUS she’s been at every awards show going flaunting her fash’ cred-  could it have been anyone else!? Maybe not now, but if you look back to 2013 (we know, we’re so 2015… - read more

Celeb Style 2014.


Who loves a list? We do! Especially when it involves summing up the style from the year, and how great has 2014 been!? So many amazing outfits and even more controversial choices. It’s been fun. With that in mind we’d like to take this time out to call out our best (and worst) star style… - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Cristian MJC.


In the words of the man himself, “it’s ya boy Cristian MJC here!” That it is. You may have heard his music or even spotted him in the BANK Christmas window campaign; one thing you can’t miss though is that the boy has style! He’s big on his brands- Superdry and Criminal Damage to name… - read more

Party Part Three: The Outfit!!

cover look

 Of all the things that make parties this time of year great, the outfit is the thing we look forward to most. The preparation, the chatting, the sequins; frankly it’s a bit of a military operation before you even get the invites! Precision and planning are key. Lucky then we’ve been planning- seriously- as soon… - read more

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