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Sunday Style Icon: Sam Faiers.


 Towie gal, Sam Faiers could be our fave of the Essex bunch when it comes to the style stakes. First off, that bod! She could wear a bin bag and look incredible. Lucky for us though the girl knows fashion, so we’re saved the bag. While the old stereotype says white stilettos are the only… - read more

Festive Films.

grinch 2

 We’ve made an executive decision; rather than going out this weekend and facing reality, we’re staying in and getting festive with all our fave Christmas films. So many films, so little time? Not to worry as we’ve got our blogger buds on hand to help us out. Get your jammies on and join us.  Elf…. - read more

Sunday Style Icon: Rebel Wilson.


Sunday Style Icon this week goes to our personal lady crush and everyone’s fave funny girl, Rebel Wilson. She’s been doing the red carpet rounds for a while now and, while she can pull off sleek and sophisticated, we have a sneaking suspicion she doesn’t really care (RE pink, fluffy slippers and cat tees) which… - read more


crop tops

Throwback Thursday is the time of the week we reflect on all things old school, be it good or gross! One thing we can’t help but notice though is the amount of trends we wouldn’t have been caught dead in 5 years ago, we’re now all over. Fashion sure does move in mysterious ways…  Scrunchies…. - read more

PARTY Part Two: The Playlist.


A party can rise or fall on the strength of the playlist, so make yours a goodun! To help us out we’ve got some of our fave bloggers to nominate their party starting, d-floor hitting tunes. Forget Frosty, these will have you rocking around the Christmas tree!! Lydia Millen from Lydia Elise Millen.  Beyoncé, Partition…. - read more

Sunday Style Icon: One Direction.

one direction

With their fourth album coming out tomorrow, we felt it was only right to award One Direction Sunday Style Icon status. It’s a pretty big deal, boys, you’re welcome. All with their own looks and personas (kind of like The Spice Girls really) trying to pick just one was like pulling teeth- everyone has their… - read more

Jennifer Lawrence 4EVA.


You guuuys, Mockingjay is coming out in a matter of days and we JUST CAN’T WAIT. To celebrate (and to give us something to do before we actually go see it; counting down the days over here) we thought we’d take a little look at all things J.Law. She is everything after all. First off… - read more

PARTY Part One: The Makeup.

gold eye sparkle

Obviously we’ve already started planning our Xmas party outfits (more to come on that later),  so we thought there’s no good reason why we shouldn’t have our make-up down too. There’s only like 18 days left until December, guys- come on! Turning to Tumblr for a bit of inspo, there are three main trends worth… - read more

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