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in my bag: marc b

Lucia 1

For these girls a handbag is more than just a handbag, it’s a lifesaver (or life-storer) which quick becomes their everything as they dart between shows, shift from one press event to the next, from one corner of the country to the next. Being on the move requires the right handbag- big enough for a… - read more

a view from: paris fashion week


 Paris je t’aime! Paris Fashion Week has been nothing short of perfect, and like all things we love we’re clinging onto the best bits and refusing to let them slip away! Here’s a recap; just a snippet, of all the ladies who pulled their outfits together with a great sense of artistry- inspiring us along… - read more

keeping up with: the kardashians


A chance to find out a little bit more about the Kardashians. What are your hero pieces from the SS14 collection? Khloe: I think our fun, bold prints are an instant mood lifter.The floral bomber jacket is one of my favorite pieces in our new collection for Lipsy. Jackets and accessories are a great way… - read more

we meet: stefanie faleo


We bet you’ve been itching to find out more about that brunette babe we have been style splashing all over our social media channels, well you’re in luck! As a Chart Show TV music presenter and avid gig-goer- we thought she would be the perfect person to give us some insight into psyching up our… - read more

best dressed: the oscars


Our 5 favourite dresses to sweep the red-carpet! We want/ need them (we wish!) Introducing the new ways to wear Oscar-worthy glamour… 1. Lupita Nyong’o (PRADA) 2. Jennifer Lawrence (CHRISTIAN DIOR) 3. Angelina Jolie (ELIE SAAB) 4. Kate Hudson (VERSACE) 5. Jessica Biel (CHANEL)

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